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We are very pleased to offer thirteen new irises for this year,

Here are our new introductions for 2018.

Louisiana Iris

ELECTRIC STORM (Peter Jackson)
Standards burgundy; style arms cream washed lighter burgundy; Falls burgundy, 6 gold star signals; ruffling on all petals; overlapping form.

37" E-M

JESSICA MAI (Don Grieves)
Standards cream, style arms cream; Falls same as standards, 6 yellow line signals, green veined throat.

36" M

Standards greyed red, lighter reverse and edge; style arms dark red; Falls rusty red, light reverse and edge, signal yellow, 3 line signals, long and narrow.

37" E

LET'S BEE HAPPY (Peter Jackson)
Standards soft magenta, stippled; style arms cream, washed magenta; Falls mid-magenta, 3 two-toned gold signals; ruffled.

40" M

MARGERY ROSE (Don Grieves)
Standards mauve, pale mauve random veining; style arms pale mauve over green-yellow; Falls mauve, slightly veined, green-yellow steeple signal. Registered rebloomer.

40" M

MATILDA'S WALTZ (Peter Jackson)
Standards mid red-violet, variable softer color break, cream edge and reverse; style arms cream, overlaid red-violet; Falls mid red-violet, cream edge and reverse, 6 gold steeple signals; heavily ruffled.

38" E

MOOMBA FLARE (Peter Jackson)
Standards light garnet red, darker veining; style arms garnet red, edge lighter; Falls garnet red, gold line signals; ruffling on all petals.

35" M

MOUNTAIN SMOKE (Peter Jackson)
Standards lavender-grey, style arms lavender-violet; Falls mid lavender-rose, 3 gold steeple signals; ruffled.

38" E-M

MULBERRY ICE (Bernard Pryor)
Petite blooms the size of a US Silver Dollar abound on equally petite stalks of just 14 inches. Falls are deep mulberry with pronounced lilac petal rim; yellow blotch signal is overlaid with a lime-yellow steeple signal which adds impact. Standards are creamy-white, veined dark mulberry with a pronounced mulberry line signal and veining.

14" M

NADINE SARAH (Don Grieves)
Standards very pale violet, fine veining; style arms cream, throat green; Falls same as standards; 6 light yellow signals.

36" M

RUFFLE OF SPRING (Peter Jackson)
Standards blue-purple; style arms red-purple, fine white edge and central tip; Falls blue-purple, darker than standards, 3 yellow-gold steeple signals; ruffled and laced on all petals.

37" E-M

Standards dusky pink, dark pink veining; style arms cream overlaid dark pink; falls velvety deep red, recurved, three large gold steeple signals.

32" M

Bearded Iris

GRAVITY (Silvers 2018)
Maroon-black standards, maroon-black falls with white rays beside bronze beard, purple based foliage.

22" M

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